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My Treasure Tove of stuff.
NOTE: anything in this gallery.
Anti-hate OC stamp by Phardil Anti-Stamp by KaizokuShojo
^ Read them


Marine the Raccoon by DreamEclipseWolf

What to say about this? :hmm: Well the colors are nice, The added hair is a cool choice, Marine looks spot on to her game appearances. I li...

You heard the kid... by Dexter01992

Oh god where to start? :XD: I often hate how people make Tails a girl, I mean really? He's a bloody male for god sake. Sontails is pretty ...

They Call Me Gumball page 7 by WaniRamirez

Yay for first critique :P Juan you've done pretty well here and the story is getting better and better and more interesting which i was ...


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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Why hello there! The name's Jaxon.
I first joined this site because of the Thomas the Tank Engine fanbase but now i'm a writer in the Sonic Fanbase with many beloved OCs of my own
I'm a nice guy once you get to know me but push me too far and i bite :P
I'm almost always around to chat with my mates :)
My Favorite Video Game characters are listed below.
Tails the Fox
Blaze the Cat
Noob Saibot
Sonic the Hedgehog
I have High Functioning Autism and ADHD so be nice
DO NOT Ask me to do ANY pics with Halo COD or any other First Person shooter games i HATE them!
My Mates Chat buddies and other people.
:iconcaptainkman: Fellow Trainzer
:iconsergeant-sunflower: Thomas fandom mate
:icon123chance:: Another buddy.
:iconasdfnofm: Fellow Luigi fan
:iconoriginalthomasfan89: Another Great friend
:iconjustcallmesly: Helped me ban someone stealing my art.
:iconwaniramirez::icongalvatron-x: One of my best buddies and awesome Gumball Artist.
:iconthienooo: BEST FRIEND EVER
:iconthatgaming-artistfox: :iconnostalgicgamer: Another best buddy. He knows how people with disabilities feel.
:iconorange-kitty-goddess: My awesome girlfriend :3
:icondoubledoppelganger: Another good mate of mine :3
:iconcnsh-society: Awesome girl to talk to :)
:iconsonicpikapal: Does pretty good art and is a rather kind person :)
:iconroninhunt0987: Pretty good story writer and roleplayer.
:icontails090: great friend and internet sister :3
:icontailsthefoxlover715: Fellow Tails fan and youtuber.
:iconsketchy-hoodie: Good friend.
:icon4eyez95: Awesome dude and fellow Mugen player :D makes cool art too! :)
:iconhaley1715foxhedgehog: She's an awesome friend XD (also Mah bitch sista XD)
:iconsonikkuhedgieforever: She's a nice person to talk to and has nice art.
:iconcreativehedgie295: another awesome friend.
:iconrapthemonkey9: Fellow MUGEN creator.
:iconnessthecat1: Another MUGEN Friend.
:icontanicthefoxishere22: Another MUGEN creator and great friend.
:iconflyingscotsman447220: Fellow 3801 fan.
:iconmarioaction498: Another Mugen friend.
:iconmidnight-wolfi3: Funny guy.
:icon6tails6: Another nice guy.
:icongba64: Youtube buddy.
:iconsonicbooom1212: another Mugen buddy.
:iconaricstorm: Cheat character addict.
:iconxxthathedgehogxx::iconsilvertails841: Another good friend.
:iconbluehedgehog1997: Another good friend of mine. Check out his gallery :D
:iconpok3m0n-lov3r56: Nice artist and good friend :)
:iconvulpix150: Another female friend of mine.
:icontargeting50: Another friend.
:iconshadathedgehog: Yet another friend.
:iconnightshade-warroir: Awesome artist X3
:icondifferent1357902468: She's a nice friend and i like her Sonic OC.
:iconhayden98081: Great artist and good friend.
:iconshakura15: Helped me through some tough times and is a great artist.
some stamps
:thumb214412092:OC - Soul Stamp by AlpharesInternet Friends by Vexcel
Brawl: Waluigi Fan Stamp by WolfTwilight Tails Fan Stamp by Tripp-X-Foxx Classic Tails Stamp by PFV0-Stamp
Donald and Douglas Stamp by MeganekkoPlymouth241 Top Gear Fans by TawrehBUT YER TOO OLD FOR THIS by endler
I Heart Duck Stamp by MeganekkoPlymouth241 Nintendo Fan Stamp I by darkdisciple-stamps I Support THOMAS by raymangirl
Retro Gamer Stamp by Sora05 M.U.G.E.N. stamp by GaussianCat Australia Stamp by phantom
Mario commissioned by prosaix Sonic and Mario Stamp by sonicinterface Moar krabs stamp by kritken
Autism Stamp by callykarishokka::Respect:: by mimblewimble :thumb423160022:
Love Bug Stamp by Zimeta Ani-MLPXSonic Characters Stamp by MsLunarUmbreon Not inclucing the fandom. by Tea-Strawberry
Tails Boom Style Stamp by toni987 Ruby stamp by Orange-Kitty-Goddess (Yes i'm a fan of Ruby XD)
Anti-Stamp by KaizokuShojo Disliking Yaoi... by WolfieKid Popularity by TheArtOfNotLikingYou
Yaoi Ruins Fandoms by TheSnowDrifter Anti-Yaoi Fandom Stamp by dazedgumball Anti Yaoi Stamp by lady-warrior
Sane Sonic fans by FluffyFerret97
Credit goes to their makers.
My Steam profile is here TailsFox1997.
but i don't use it much.
My fav Characters :)

Some buttons of OCs i'm a fan of =3
(Yus that's Jared X3)
Isabella Fan Button by Massi-the-Fox
Credit goes to :iconsonicpikapal:for the icon and Super Hedgehog for the Buttons.
My motto is To HELL with camping!

2 of 2 Stamp commissions for Waluigitails3801 by Orange-Kitty-Goddess (This is Jared one of my Sonic OCs =3)
1 of 2 stamp commissions for Waluigitails3801 by Orange-Kitty-Goddess (And this is Anna my other OC =3)
Tagged by CreativeHedgie295

1. Name

2. Name Backwards

3. Were you named after anyone?
Not that i know of.

4. Does your name mean anything?
God has been gracious
5. Nickname(s)
Jax, Jared, Wal, Wally, Waluigi, Babe

6. Screen Name(s)
Waluigi64(Old DA account) WaluigiTails3801, TheWaluigiKing(Youtube & mugen wikia account) Jaredthecontroversialfox(Skype name)
7. Date of Birth

8. Place of Birth
Sydney Austraila

No 9 or 10
11. Sign

12. Religion
Dont have one

13. Height

14. Weight
Don't know

15. Shoe Size
11 or 10 i think

16. Hair Color
Blackish brown

17. Eye Color

18. What you look like?
Not telling

19. Innie or Outie?

20. Righty, Lefty, Ambidextrous

21. Gay, Straight, Bi, or Other
Straight, Would never be anything else

22. Best Friend(s)
Everyone in my friends list here <3

23. Best Friend you trust most
I would have to say ThatGaming-ArtistFox DoubleDoppelganger Orange-Kitty-Goddess Nightshade-warroir and thienooo 

24. Best Friends(same sex)
Look at #23

25. Best Friends(opposite sex)
Look at number 23
26. Best Buds
Again 23

27. Boyfriend/Girlfriend
Orange-Kitty-Goddess (current <3)
NinjaChickie (Ex)

28. Crush
My GF <3

29. Parents
Mother, two grandfathers and grandmother live back in Sydney

30. Worst Enemies
A certain sontails (child porn) artist :|

31. Favorite Online Guys
*See 23*

32. Favorite Online Girls
*See 23*

33. Funniest Friends
I would have to say Mercenary-Punk WaniRamirez Nightshade-warroir targeting50 and DoubleDoppelganger :XD:

34. Craziest Friends
Vulpix150 targeting50 (You two need to stop taking sugar :XD: )

35. Advice Friends
Orange-Kitty-Goddess ThatGaming-ArtistFox SonicPikapal Nightshade-warroir DoubleDoppelganger RoninHunt0987 

36. Loudest Friend
CreativeHedgie295 I dunno why XD

37. Person you cry with

38. Any Sisters?
2 younger ones, many online ones

39. Any Brothers?
No real ones but i have many here

40. Any Pets?
3 cats, 3 Dogs(one was put down last year T^T) and a budgie

41. A Disease

42. A Pager

43. A Personal Phone line

44. A Cell Phone

45. A Lava Lamp

46. A Pool or Hot Tub?

47. A Car
I don't drive

48. Personality
I can be a nice guy at times, though make a wrong move or say something against my views or friends and i will get violent with words.

49. Driving 
Don't have my license

50. Car or Car you want?
1958 Plymouth Fury

51. Room
Former living with a large desk and bed and a shit ton of stuff

52. Mmh 
:? (Confused)

53. School

54. Bed
Large bed, Big enough for 3 i'd think ^^;

55. Relationship with your parent
It's alright though i bicker with mum alot -.-

56. Believe in yourself
I do most of the time, but I mostly believe in other people

57. Believe in love at first sight?

58. Consider yourself a good listener
I have ADHD

No 59

60. Get along with your parents

61. Save your e-mail conversations

62. Pray

63. Believe in reincarnation

64. Like to make fun of people
For fun and laughs yes but not on purpose XD

65. Like to talk on the phone

66. Like to eat
Banana bread

67. Like to drive

68. Get motion sickness 
Not sure

69. Eat the stems of broccoli
Fuck no

70. Eat Chicken Fingers with a fork

71. Dream in color

72. Type with your fingers at home row

73. Sleep with stuffed animal
I slept with a blue colored puppy plushie when i was little

74. Right next to you
Camping related shit that mum wont get out of my room -_-

75. On the wall of your room
Various pictures

76. On your mouse pad
My mouse

77. Your dream car
Already answered

78. Your dream date
No saying cus its too graphic for some of you  :XD:

79. Your Dream Honeymoon spot
Dunno really

80. Your dream husband/wife
Orange-Kitty-Goddess <3

81. Your bedtime
when ever i feel tired

82. Under your bed
Random stuff

83. The single most important question 
I dont have one

84. Your bad time of the day
When my little arsehole cousin is being a noisy little prick.

85. Your worst fear(s)
...I don't want to answer

86. The weather like
It's sunny outside

87. The time
1:53 P.M.(Afternoon)

88. The date

89. The best trick you ever played on someone
I don't play tricks on people. But if I could do one, it would be a wipped cream-rabies trick

90. The weirdest food or drink you like
Oreo cheesecake(my Mum makes it)

91. Theme song
Land down under by Men at work

92. The hardest thing about growing up
Being expected to do shit i dont wanna do -_-

93. Your funniest moment
I've had alot over the years :XD:

94. Your scariest moment
...Don't wanna answer

95. The silliest thing you ever said
Can't remember

96. The funniest or most desperate thing you've done to get the attention of the someone
You wouldn't want to know

97. The scariest thing that's ever happened while with your friend

No 98

99. The best feeling in the world
You decide
Not tagging anyone
  • Mood: Optimism
  • Reading: My Fanfics
  • Playing: Luigi's Mansion 2
  • Drinking: Water


I will be out tonight for new years eve if anyone wonders where i am.
My god it's fricking freezing here right now O^O
I'm sorta in a mood, On and off anger if you like XD

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Sonic Fancharacter bios
Tell me What you want the bio to have.
Psychical appearance
Age and name
Personality and backstory.
Full length stories
Same as the small stories commissions. 5 parts is the maximum i can do.



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